Electric air conditioning compressor enterprises want to achieve perfect marketing strategy

2022-10-25 14:43

What conditions do compressor enterprises need to have if they want to achieve a perfect marketing strategy? Let's make a comprehensive and systematic analysis.
1. Alignment: Marketing personnel often need to adopt different methods to coordinate marketing and business to keep alignment. They connect marketing activities with business investment results to enable marketing to play a role beyond sales. Marketing operations in these organizations monitor customer-centric marketing plans, ensure marketing portfolios, and support measurable marketing goals that have a direct impact on the business.
2. Structure optimization: The marketing personnel know which results and indicators the leadership team most cares about, and have an indicator framework to measure and report the marketing value, influence and contribution. Marketing operation can drive the continuous development and optimization of this framework and key performance indicators (KPIs), and better manage the structure of performance measurement and analysis. Marketing operations can transform marketing indicators into a leadership team, and marketing teams can use and make operational marketing dashboards for strategic, tactical and investment decisions.
3. Analytical ability: In the age of big data, marketing organizations need to have the ability to quickly synthesize data and obtain a feasible vision. The marketing personnel of yi stream need to have the analytical ability to establish and use models to make wise investment and strategic decisions. Marketing operations build and maintain an environment that enables better use of data and analysis in the marketing process.
4. Automation: Automation technology can help marketers obtain more extensive and value-added marketing performance measurement and reporting, and marketing automation has become a new trend in enterprise applications. From marketing resource management to business intelligence, to data management systems, as well as reporting platforms and analysis tools, the addition of marketing operations can more effectively help marketing personnel to select, deploy and manage automation and technical infrastructure to support the entire department. The deployment, training and management change of technical infrastructure are included in the support of marketing operations, which can also help marketing personnel make decisions, improve marketing functions and prove marketing value.
5. Alliance: Marketing needs to form a stronger and clearer alliance with sales, finance, services, product functions and other departments. Marketing operation is a channel link to connect marketing, sales, finance and management teams. It forms and manages these alliances so that everyone in the team is in the same direction. By making a specific operation agreement, each party can define its own "cooperation rules and roles", and ensure that the contacts of each team are included in the appropriate meetings and decisions.
6. Evaluation: Continuous improvement is the core of evaluation and benchmark, and it can only be truly implemented in a cultural environment where management and employees are truly concerned, dedicated and willing. Marketing executives set the direction and goals for the team. Marketing operations can continuously help improve benchmarks and assessments to determine which standards, best practices, processes and skills can help the marketing team achieve its goals and aspirations.



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