The living space of homogenized products of many enterprises of electric air conditioning compressor

2022-10-25 14:43

Differentiated conceptual products become the marketing innovation target of enterprises
As we all know, because the cruel market competition is constantly depressing the survival space of many compressor enterprises' homogeneous products, after the successful promotion of a conceptual product has formed a trend, there will usually be many followers.
Of course, the promotion of "concept products" is an investment in the market with great risks. Many enterprises are successful because of a product concept, and many enterprises are seriously injured because of a "concept product". But looking at the whole market, if compressor enterprises want to form certain competitiveness, they must make their products have certain selling points.
First of all, only by forming a certain unique manufacturing concept can we achieve the goal of guiding the development of the industry. You should know that ling leaders in many industries, including the compressor industry, need "concepts" to expand the market, stabilize their leadership, and maximize their enterprise characteristics. It should be noted that without the tracking of other brands in the industry, it is difficult to form a market, which is not all a bad thing. Aspiring enterprises can guide the development of the industry through a concept, which can greatly improve the corporate image. Use followers to spread a product innovation concept rapidly, and the market will expand rapidly. If the concept guide is properly operated, it will be a big beneficiary of Z.
Secondly, we need to create barriers to prevent competitors from following up and surpassing. It is difficult to form a market without the follow-up of competitors, but the participation of competitors will reduce the interests of enterprises initiating the concept of differentiated product innovation, and the transcendence of competitors will directly damage the promotion of the concept. Therefore, compressor enterprises should properly create barriers to entry, limit the tracking of competitors to a certain range or a certain distance, and let the publicity of followers only play a role in boosting the flames, rather than becoming the beneficiaries of the "concept".
In addition, compressor enterprises need to implement the self-protection function when they innovate the concept of differentiated products. You should know that when a user's demand for use is discovered and met, and the manufacturer succeeds, it will pose a great threat to competitors. When competitors have no similar products to fight against, they will look for (or manufacture) the shortcomings of this product to attack. Therefore, enterprises must anticipate possible attacks and be fully prepared for defense.
With the gradual maturity of users and the formation of rational ideas in the commercial society, everyone will have a standard to measure. Compressor products need selling points, which are not attractive enough, but excessive publicity and packaging will be too much. When developing products and promoting brands, compressor enterprises should also firmly grasp this principle and implement the functional concept. From the perspective of products, it is still necessary to return to practicality, so that consumers can experience real benefits, so that they can be truly stable in the market.
It is imperative for compressor enterprises to innovate marketing service
Enterprises in the compressor industry who are well versed in marketing know that customer service and management are very important. For example, the after-sales inspection, after-sales service and other issues of the compressor dealers for users have been ignored or avoided by many enterprises - this is the most technical content, representing an important part of the compressor industry's information level, which needs to be highly valued by compressor enterprises in the future.
For the compressor industry, the traditional marketing model has become increasingly unable to meet the needs of the industry development, and more attention should be paid to the service capabilities for the market segments and terminals, so as to better capture users and users. In addition, the informatization level of compressor manufacturers will also become the next key development direction.
For example, Haier brand, which has done a meticulous and thorough job of user service in the household appliance industry, is committed to building an industry standard after-sales service team with Internet concept standards, making them a benchmark for many enterprises to build service teams. In this regard, compressor enterprises are the same, because with more and more products in the market, after-sales service will become more and more important. With a perfect after-sales service system, they will have a good reputation for after-sales service, which is an important part of brand building.
In 2015, many compressor companies went against the trend to achieve the goal of listing, striving to reach a higher level, and many compressor companies made great moves to achieve technology R&D and innovation. However, in general, most of the companies have been hiding their talents for a year, and all of them are cultivating their internal skills and making efforts to layout the market strategy.
The year 2015 is an important node. How to divide the market cake in the future depends on what kind of "answers" the compressor enterprises will give in 2016!



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