Why innovative marketing ideas in the electric air conditioning compressor industry are so important

2022-10-25 14:40

For the compressor industry, 2015 has passed. Whether you are well prepared or not, 2016 has come, when the situation is still uncertain. How to face the innovation of marketing ideas and the progress of ideas has become an important proposition that compressor enterprises cannot avoid at present!
With the rapid development of science and technology and the rapid transformation of economic model, it is hard to say that the marketing activities of compressor enterprises that lack systematic operation support have been difficult to obtain a complete marketing vision, ideal effects and meet the needs of marketing personnel. The purpose of marketing operation is to integrate all parts closely, optimize marketing performance and make marketing more effective by developing and managing the whole process of setting expectations, monitoring process and measuring results. Therefore, marketing planning should not be regarded as a meaningless expense, but as an investment. Only with the right investment can you have a sustainable platform and a space for rapid development. If one day God really wants to kill all small and medium-sized enterprises, then "marketing" is more glorious than waiting to die!
Therefore, the smaller the compressor enterprises, the more attention should be paid to marketing planning, not just sales. Only by marketing can SMEs live better and longer.
In a word, most of the time, marketing makes compressor enterprises mistake large-scale advertising or overwhelming promotional activities, and think that "marketing planning will cost a lot of money". In fact, it is just sales. There is an essential difference between the two. As the late management master Drucker said, "The real task of marketing planning is to make promotion redundant".
Enterprise marketing is not limited to "participation", but also innovation "reputation"
If only a few years ago, compressor enterprises could confidently say that "the fragrance of wine does not need to be deep in the alley". As long as I do a good job in the product, there will be no market. But now, marketing has no "wall" and "alley" restrictions.
When the Internet suddenly presents the whole world to us, both the product winning thinking of "wine aroma or deep alley" and the communication winning thinking of "wine aroma is also afraid of deep alley" are outdated. Users' choices suddenly become wide and boundless. Therefore, in the case of unfathomable "width" competition, only by focusing on "depth" can you possibly have a chemical change in marketing, which will not lead to the result that your products are "devoid of people".
At present, the major compressor enterprises compete in "depth" rather than "participation" in many cases. On the surface, A and B do the same thing to the same extent. A is only "1cm" deeper than B, and it is A who succeeds rather than B who is disheveled. This is the so-called "wet over the land" marketing, that is, only to create "political achievements" but not "achievements". Therefore, compressor enterprises can only have unlimited effect if they work hard and accomplish their work in one battle.
At the same time, if enterprises need to "interact" with users, "tranquility" is not the main theme of marketing in our era. Only "interaction" can achieve good results.
Compressor enterprises need to promote their products and interact with users. Therefore, major compressor enterprises need to increase the publicity on the application and advantages of the products, improve the attention of the products among users and potential customers, so as to improve the sales volume of compressor products.
Compressor enterprises should win in "substance" rather than "topic", which is another feature of marketing in the Internet era. As a compressor product, the "essence" is far more important than the "topic". Only by putting the essence in place and achieving good reputation, can an enterprise have sustainable and long-term competitiveness.
For today's mixed compressor industry, word of mouth is undoubtedly the best witness of enterprise quality, especially in the compressor industry with low awareness and uncertain future pattern, word of mouth is increasingly important for enterprises to increase market share.



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